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Housing refugees here to fuel the gospel everywhere

At Compound Impact, we provide safe, sustainable housing for refugee families that have fled persecution or war and cannot return to their homeland. We partner with resettlement organizations to get these families launched in the U.S. so they can begin their new life.

Our model is sustainable enough that we generate a net profit from the work that we do. And 100% of that profit is used to support international missions, clean water, and hunger relief all over the world.

How Does it Work?


Rehab a home

100% of the money given to Compound Impact is used to purchase and rehabilitate distressed residential properties at a significantly discounted price. It typically costs around $40,000 to purchase and rehabilitate each house.


Serve a family

Each property is rented to incoming refugee families who have had to flee their country due to persecution or war. These families often have significant barriers to finding safe, stable housing upon arrival to the US. Our homes help meet that need.


Fuel the gospel

Each property is financially sustainable and actually generates a growing profit over time. And 100% of all profits are channeled into some of the most effective missions and relief organizations. Forever. Like a sort of impact engine.

Current Projects

See some of our current projects below. Click on a project to see updates from the field.

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Northeast Philadelphia


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Current Phase: Move-In

Northeast Philadelphia


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Current Phase: Fundraising

Finding Properties

We utilize a variety of advanced real estate strategies to obtain our properties at a significant discount, often $10,000 to $30,000 below market rates. This allows us to efficiently and effectively get families housed and make the most use of every dollar donated.


Based in Philadelphia. All of our homes are located in Philadelphia, which is home to a wide variety of cultures and resettlement communities from all parts of the world.  


Refugee-Friendly Neighborhoods. Not all neighborhoods are the same when it comes to launching a new refugee family. All of our homes are located in neighborhoods that have strong cultural and community support mechanisms, adequate public transportation, and a history of successful refugee resettlement.


Rejuvenating Distressed Houses. We specifically target homes in need of significant repair and utilize our team of contractors to get them into excellent condition.


Big Enough for the Whole Family. Our homes tend to be on the larger size in order to accomodate families resettling as a unit. Our target is 3 bedrooms when possible.

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Serving families

We work to provide safe and stable housing for refugee families who face multiple barriers upon reaching Philadelphia. We make all of our homes available for refugee families.

Barriers to Housing

Refugee families are not able to meet the typical requirements that landlords require for renters, including a U.S. credit history and a verifiable income.

Serving Refugees

We make all of our homes available for refugee families. If a family decides to move out for any reason, a new refugee family will be matched.


Our partner resettlement agencies help support our families for the first 3-6 months. After that point, most families are financially self-sustainable.

Our Partners

We partner with several resettlement agencies in order to best serve the refugee families we work with. Each family is assigned a caseworker from one of the agencies below before being matched to one of our available homes.

Nationalities Service Center Logo Refugees Charity
HAIS Logo Refugees Charity
Bethany Christian Services Logo Refugees Charity

Fueling the gospel

We partner with some of the most efficient and effective organizations working in gospel missions, clean water, and hunger alleviation. And 100% of all profits generated from our resettlement homes are used to support these organizations.


Neverthirst works to bring clean and living water to communities without access. They partner with local well-drilling teams, teaching them business skills to scale their business. Neverthirst also networks with local pastors who are able to share the gospel in communities where new wells are built.

Doulos Partners

Doulos Partners is a sort of missions mutual fund that channels funding into some of the most effective native-led missions organizations around the world. They don’t use donations for any overhead, and don’t allow their partners to either, so 100% of donated funds go directly to missionaries in the field.

Join the Movement

We want to see every refugee family in Philadelphia in a safe, stable home. And we are going to do it one house at a time. Interested in joining us? Donate below to get us to our next home.

Frequently ASked Questions

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes! Compound Impact is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, meaning that every gift you make is fully tax deductible. You can give here.

How much are your admin costs?

All of our staff are self-supported, so every single cent you donate goes directly to funding new impact homes. We are passionate about efficiency and effectiveness, so we keep admin costs out of it!

Do you focus on a specific people or cultural group?

We equally accept refugee families from any nation or culture into our homes. While there are specific areas of the city where people from specific cultural backgrounds tend to settle, we do not preferentially choose one family over another based on cultural background.

How long do families stay in each home?

Each refugee family is welcome to stay as long as they want once they are placed. Based on prior experience, families often prefer to stay 1-2 years before moving in order to move closer to their friends, community, or jobs. When a family leaves, a new refugee family will be matched to the home.