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    Frequently ASked Questions

    Are donations tax deductible?

    Yes! Compound Impact is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, meaning that every gift you make is fully tax deductible. You can give here.

    How much are your admin costs?

    All of our staff are self-supported, so every single cent you donate goes directly to funding new impact homes. We are passionate about efficiency and effectiveness, so we keep admin costs out of it!

    Do you focus on a specific people or cultural group?

    We equally accept refugee families from any nation or culture into our homes. While there are specific areas of the city where people from specific cultural backgrounds tend to settle, we do not preferentially choose one family over another based on cultural background.

    How long do families stay in each home?

    Each refugee family is welcome to stay as long as they want once they are placed. Based on prior experience, families often prefer to stay 1-2 years before moving in order to move closer to their friends, community, or jobs. When a family leaves, a new refugee family will be matched to the home.