Our History

The Beginning

Compound Impact was founded in 2021 by brothers Cody and Kealan Hobelmann. Before Compound Impact, Cody and Kealan founded the Finish Line Pledge, a movement of generous-minded Christians who commit to setting a financial finish line for their income and giving away everything over that finish line away.

Out of the Finish Line Pledge movement came the Finish Line Podcast, which Cody and Kealan host together. On the podcast, they interview pastors, financial advisors, radically generous givers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and nonprofit leaders to explore one central question: How do we best steward God’s wealth?

Out of those discussions, the early foundation of Compound Impact began to take shape as a way for Cody and Kealan and many others to maximize the impact of whatever financial margin God gave them to manage. You can see the history of Compound Impact’s very first house here.

Foundation House Compound Impact Refugee Housing