<< March 30, 2022 >>


Foundation House has officially made it through all of the stages of launch. What does that mean? It means we successfully fundraised the necessary funds, purchased the property, fully rehabbed the property, transitioned a refugee family into the property, and refinanced the property to complete our financing.

From here onward, Foundation House will be used to house refugee families and the profits will be used to fuel the gospel abroad. Indefinitely! 

We want to thank each of you who played some part in the process, from providing funding to purchasing furniture, to setting up and decorating the house. You are all amazing and we are so grateful to be able to partner with you in this work.

News from the Family

The family from Afghanistan is doing well and settling nicely. The husband is in the process of obtaining clearances for a government job and the kids are in school nearby. They are very grateful for a home after a significant period of instability before their arrival.

A few more updates

We were fortunate enough that a friend of Compound Impact was able to donate a perfectly good washer and dryer set, which was soon installed in the basement. The washer and dryer was one of the family’s most frequent questions, so we were delighted to be able to get the units in safely!

Compound Impact Foundation House Washer Dryer

What’s Next?

Now that the refinance is complete and the house has a stable mortgage, we’re excited to get to the point where we can begin using the profits to support other organizations working abroad. Before we get there, it’s important that we set aside an appropriate amount of rental income for emergencies and future maintenance. The good news is we’re not far from that goal! Once we reach that target, 100% of profits will be channeled to fuel the gospel.