<< October 1, 2021 >>

Expect Hiccups

In any real estate project there are hiccups. You just don’t know which ones they will be or when they will show up. The biggest hiccup in the process so far happened the day before move-in when the boiler experienced a major malfunction. As a result, it looks like we will most likely have to replace the boiler, which could delay move-in for a few days. Boilers heat water which is circulated through radiators in the house in order to provide heat. For this reason, having a working boiler is an important prerequisite to the family moving in. 

NSC has identified a family and they will fortunately be able to remain in temporary housing for a few days while some of these issues are worked out. For the privacy of the family, we can’t share specific information.

In better news, just about all the remainder of the work is complete at this point. The pavers in the backyard have been resettled. Appliances have been delivered. The bathroom exhaust fan is installed and the roof has been inspected and repaired.

We have also received word that Liberti Church was able to complete their list of furnishings and supplies so the family will have a fresh start when they arrive.

What’s Next?

Liberti Church will be moving in all furniture and supplies in the next few days. The boiler should be replaced shortly and we hope to have our first family moved in soon after!