<< September 15, 2021 >>


A number of rehab items have already been completed, but there is plenty more to do. Most of the equipment and supplies have been delivered at this point. All of the pavers in the backyard are being reset due to unstable positioning causing a tripping hazard. A handrail for the basement steps was installed. Work has begun installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom which did not have one before. This is an important step to prevent future damage to the bathroom from steam and moisture. The existing appliances also all needed to be replaced and the new models are expected to be delivered in the next week or two.

Fortunately, all of the floors are in excellent condition and the walls were all recently painted before the house went on the market. The bathroom was also recently remodelled and looks great, and the kitchen counter was replaced in the last few months.

As one of the more exciting updates, Liberti Church Riverwards has asked to adopt Foundation House in order to furnish the home by 10/1 for the expected refugee family. They are already well on their way towards completing their list of furniture and supplies they hope to obtain by then.

What’s Next?

There is a known leak in the main water line to the house that needs work. We will also be patching a number of weak points in the roof. A new water heater is needed and should be installed soon. There is some minor electrical work needed and a variety of small finishes and hardware to replace. We are also waiting on servicing for the chimney and boiler to get them into top shape. Overall, we are just a bit behind schedule, but still hoping for a 10/1 move in date.

NSC does not officially have a family matched yet (there is often less than 2 weeks notice when a family is arriving, so this is not unexpected), but with the surge in refugees, they are confident a family will be ready by move-in day.

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